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Default Poultry doneness and joint looseness

I'm wondering about poultry doneness and some of the signs that can be seen as the bird cooks, particularly with something like a turkey where a little overdone results in a dry breast. Here are the signs I see:
  • Meat pulling back on the drumstick. And like ribs, when the meat pulls back, it is not done but is getting close. I've also noticed that if the birds are cooked low 'n slow there may be no pull back.
  • The drumstick to thigh joint loosens.
  • The thigh to body joint loosens.
  • The upper wing to body joint loosens. At this point, the breast will be dry.

Have any of you noticed this and if so, do you use any of these signs to determine when the bird is done? I'm not really that confident that when I stick a thermometer in the breast or thigh that I'm getting the least done part of the bird. Sometimes when I carve a bird the juices coming out of the area between the thigh and body are a little pink and I'm worried that it is not done enough.
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