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Default Hit me up with your best WHOLE beef tenderloin recipe....

The plan for Christmas Eve dinner with Mrs. Wampus's family has to be a little different this year. Normally, I do a whole prime rib roast, but this year we don't have the time. We'll be attending mass together about 4:00 and I'll have to cook it up after mass.

SO......I was thinking whole beef tenderloin.
My local butcher has them for $7.99/lb (which seems like a pretty good price).
May even do TWO (depending on how many mouths I'll be feeding).

Early thoughts were just to make an herb and cracked peppercorn crust on it and do a reverse sear on the BGE. May even start it (them) on the UDS and sear on the Egg at the end (so I can get the egg SCREAMIN hot for the sear). Figured going until an IT of about 110-115 and then sear it so it ends up around 125-130 IT, rest and slice.

Thinking coriander seed, rosemary, whole (cracked) peppercorn, garlic, kosher salt to start with for the herb crust.

Just thought I'd get the Brethren's take on how they'd go about this.
Any ideas?
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