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High Q is hardly around anymore, but I was drooling at this just now and wanted to add it. It also is the right season. It's the winner of the Happy Holidays 2012 Throwdown and some nice details are given:

Originally Posted by High Q View Post
We had a very Merry Christmas at our house. My Mom and Dad came and ate with the six of us - Mrs Q, the baby Qs and me.

While the shrieking and paper explosion were in full gear, I stepped into the kitchen and put one part course salt, one part extra coarse black pepper and one part montreal steak on the exterior of a standing rib roast that had been ageing in the fridge since Saturday.

After we all enjoyed the last of our presents, I stepped outside and fired off the WSM with one full lit chimney of Kingsford and one full chimney of unlit. The smoker went up into the 300s and I put the meat on (about a 5 1/2 pound, 3 bone roast).

After an hour and a half the internal temperature was in the mid 90s. The WSM temp was around 350 and all was well. A shot at the 90 minute mark.

After another 30 minutes the internal temperature was in the 110s. I took the smoker apart and put the grill grate directly on the charcoal ring. I wanted to make sure we had a good exterior crust. I didn't char it, just a good sizzle. After finishing that exercise, I put the smoker back together and put the roast back in.

Pulled it at and internal temp in the low 120s and let it rest 20 minutes while we rounded up the family and served the mashed potatoes, squash casserole, fruit salad and rolls.

Mrs Q was kind enough to get a shot of the slicing. There was enough for everybody and for y'all too. (please use this photo)

A very Merry Christmas to you all from Houston, Texas USA. Thanks for all your kindness and friendship over the years.
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