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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default Images from Camp Parks Troop Feed

Yup, those look like beans still...

We carved as we served, the best way to keep the tri-tip fresh

Happy eaters

More happy eaters...this makes it worth it all

We provided the Santa, but, these gifts were gathered by the Girl Scouts, those little girls go for it!


more grub

That fellow in the orange apron is CSM Swift, Airborne, Ranger, server of chicken

Do they look cold? I bet they were cold...

The crowd was getting restless here, see the blonde woman in the red coat, she was out kitchen setup person, soldier all the way, then she sat down and her eyes never came off the food

Yeah, we had a few tri-tips


Some of the Brethren, and Marty getting a plaque and Battalion medallion, and looking very uncomfortable. Without Marty, this thing would not have come off. That's a load of Brethren behind him.

More Brethren, they asked us to line up, and gave a huge cheer. This was incredibly rewarding. I will note, that Ric Gilbert was telling the group, that while we loved the gratitude and compliments, that it was we, who were grateful to them, and that what we did was just one day, a very small gesture, in deeply felt gratitude for all they do for us.
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