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Originally Posted by plowin-fire View Post
Heading over to station shortly to start trimming. Will get some pics of the process. Should I put rub on tonight or wait til morning and do it when I set them out. Also how long per pound should I figure at 225?
Well, I'm getting back to this post too late as far as the rub, but I don't think you will have a huge difference.

I would not count on time per pound. Use a quick read thermometer on this one (even better if you have one of those electric ones you can leave in, if you do, don't pull it out until it has rested or you may lose some juices come flying out of the hole when you pull it). I know everyone is always correctly saying don't use temp for brisket, pulled pork, ribs, etc., but this is an instance where you can. Put your probe in the dead center of the rib roast and pull at no more than 115 degrees. While the rib roast is resting it will continue to cook and your internal temp will rise about 10 degrees. You should have a nice med-rare. If you like your prime rib more done you can wait 5-10 more degrees before pulling for every degree of doneness, with the idea that the roast will continue to cook and rise about 10 degrees while resting and that will be your endpoint.
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