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Originally Posted by Fwismoker View Post
I hate to tell you this but you should learn your fire without a temp controller first. Learn fire and how to control it manually and the best ways to get good smoke. Using a controller is putting the cart in front of the horse. I have two controllers and don't use them unless i'm doing an all nighter (i need sleep) You'll turn out better Q and learn more this way....TRUST me.

Practice, start with a small hot fire which will give you the best smoke and experiment with how your temps go.
Originally Posted by bananablack View Post
Id use a mixture. But like someone else mentioned learn your smoker before taking on an expensive cook.. Start with chicken and or pork butt(forgiving). After you are familiar with it sell it and get a stickburner(just kidding).
I've never cooked on one but did review the excellent product video on their website, very neat cooker design. It does not look like you have an option recommended above of learning to cook without controllers to learn your pit first (normally excellent advice) because the design of the internal firebox unit is dependent on the controller technology.

To your question, I would try a mixture of lump and wood, up to 50/50. I would try to make sure my lump and wood chunks are about the same size.

This is a pretty unique cooker design for most of us. Please share a post of a cook or with pics so we can see how it works.

Best of luck!
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