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Default Advice for 3rd brisket on Kamado Joe?

I got a Kamado Joe a few months ago and have been cooking chicken on it probably two or three times a week. I love this thing. I think I have chicken mastered. LOL

Anyway, I have started to attempt brisket. I have never done a brisket in my life.

Brisket #1)
My first was was 13# Select packer. I was not expecting an award winner, just getting the feel for things with the cooker and see what happens. I cooked it @225 to ~190 (no wrap) then checked it. It seemed really tough still, so I pushed it to 205 seeing if that helped any. That just seemed to be making it dryer and no more tender so I pulled it. I wrapped in foil and towel/cooler and let it rest for about 3 hours, then opened it to do the autopsy. It was ugly. Too much fat left on the cap, other side cremated to a crisp, really dry and not really even edible. It was pretty much DTT (Direct To Trash). Learned a few things though.

Brisket #2)
I saw some 9 pound Choice flats at HEB. I figured if I can't make a decent flat, then I doubt I can do a decent packer. Crawl before I can run.
Since #1 got burned to a crisp on the bottom I decided to try this one fat cap down, no wrap. Put it on @255 and went to bed. I woke up and meat was at 180. I waited till it got to 190 and then checked it. Meat seemed tough again but overall looked good. I let it ride to 200 and checked again. Does not seem to be getting any more tender, just dryer so I pulled it, wrapped in foil/cooler and let it rest 3 hours. Then opened it for the autopsy. Results were much better. Fat side down helped protect it from burning and it was protected with fat rendered out perfectly. Flavor was good. My complaint on this one was it was on the dry side and a bit a bit tough still. Good enough to serve non BBQ snobs with BBQ sandwiches or sliced with sauce.

What should I attempt on brisket #3? I'm going to do another large Choice flat. Should I try to wrap it? At what temp? Maybe an injection? Should I cook @225 again or bump it up to about 250? I know flats are going to be dryer than a point, but how tender and juicy can a Choice flat get? What am I looking for when checking it, that way I know "that's about as good as it's going to get". I was poking it with a toothpick hoping for "buttery insertion" which I never got.
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