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Originally Posted by Sly-one View Post
What a great looking drum. You do good work!
One question. why the diffuser over the coals? One beauty of the UDS is that is provides different methods of cooking, including convection and radiant heat. I also have bolts for a third rack in my UDS, just over the coals, and I can stick a tile or different sized pizza pans on the bottom one so it can be used as a diffuser if I need to limit the radiant heat for the longer cooks.

My main objective in that little guy was trying to a very even temp in as large an area as possible when needed. When I do bacon, sausage, jerky etc, I need as much room as possible, so I plan on using all 3 grates for that. It's all removable via 1/2 ss nuts and lock washers, so I figured if I don't like it, away it goes. I don't plan on using this for ribs, butts, briskets etc unless I'm cooking 3 grates worth. Most the time I'll probably just use the low grate for diffusion if I even use diffusion. Looking forward to trying a brisket diffusion free tomorrow, see what that's like.

Fwiw, early tests show pretty consistent temps throughout. I may add a few small holes and tinker some more, as the outside was about 30 degrees hotter than the middle on the lower rack, but coming from a COS, I'm pretty happy with only a 30 degree variant.

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