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Found some matches.
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Getting my drum ready to go. Same post that has been repeated over and through *most* of this ginormous thread, and now ready to build.

I scored a "free" closed head barrel from a local fuel company. Only had to do like 3 minutes of computer hardware work for them. They were going to pay me but I turned it around and said "Say, I see you have some drums out back." Washed out the drum with water and soap. I took a metal cut-off wheel to the side of the lip and it came off after burning through 3 cheapo discs. Cut 3 1" holes in the bottom(***Special Note - Do not try using a wood bit to cut the holes. Seems like it would work until the side of the bit gets it's first good "bite" of steel. JB Weld to the rescue!)
Burned the barrel and lid out really good with a pallet and a half of wood. I bought a wire brush wheel, but didn't really need it. A few abrasive pads took off the remaining paint and got everything down to bare steel.
Right now, I'm planning on using the flat lid, at least until I can find a used Weber. I cut the lid carefully enough that it will go back on the drum, and looks to make a nice tight seal.
Also found an old grill rack in the shed. I guess I did use the wire wheel for that to clean the rust off. Then more abrasive pad scrubbing and will burn the rest off in the seasoning burn for the inside of the barrel.
Got the first coat of high temp paint on the outside, and all hardware ready to go. Last thing I need is the expanded metal for a basket, and I'll be ready to schmoke. Pics to follow.
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