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Originally Posted by alane View Post
I've got a question on my turkey that I did on Thursday. Pictures are attached. It weighed 18 #'s and was obviously spatchcocked. I cooked it at 335 F (pit temperature under grate) for 3 hours 15 minutes. The breast was a little over 165 F when I pulled it, and the leg and thigh were a good 175 F.

The bird was good and moist, but there were two things that I would like to improve on. The first was the skin. It wasn't crisp at all and it still had some fat in it. The second and bigger concern was that the meet around leg and thigh were very difficult to get off. Even though they got up to 175 F, I'm thinking they could have used more time.

My question is if I need to "cook" my turkey longer, should I drop the temperature to 300 F and cook it to a little higher temperature, or should I just stick with the 325 F (I cooked 335 F) and just cook it a little longer? Drying the bird out is obviously the big concern with overcooking.

FWIW, I've started doing my spatch birds skin side down at 325*-350* and baste the cavity (up side) with herb-butter. The fat in the skin seems to render out completely and the skin is crispy, almost like fried without the breading.

Edit: that is one pretty bird, bet the taste was great!
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