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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by abangs View Post
Backwoods are hard to beat. Dynamite people. Dealers in most all regions. And a reputation that can't be beat. If you like the Pellet model, then you are in luck. Backwoods will be introducing a pellet option on their cookers VERY soon. I can tell you that it will impart the smoke flavor of coal and wood as well as their traditional models. Right now, it is in prototype but is very close. I am cooking on one of the G2 Fatboy Pellet prototypes and so far I love it.......I have been anti-pellet for a long time but I'm here to tell you, if you like the pellet model, this is worth waiting a few more weeks for.

Not saying I don't believe that, but I have spent THOUSANDS on pellet smokers(Still have my PG500 which is only used as a grill now), and those things just dont produce the smoke flavoring, even when they are pouring out smoke.

The only thing to date that I can taste a nice smoke flavoring from is my Big Steel Keg, which of course uses lump charcoal and wood chunks.

I might shoot you a call about that smoker tomorrow.
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