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Originally Posted by Scuffletown Smokers View Post
In Chris lilleys book, he has a recipe for smoking a turkey where you foil from the beginning but cut a two inch hole in the top for "just the right amount of smoke". Anyone tried this method? Results?
I'm not sure if anyone responded to your question of not but I done something similar to this method for this years cook. I honestly didn't know he does this method because I don't have his book. I brined my turkey for 24 hours in a sugar/salt (reduced salt, butterball turkey) with pepper mix. Let set out of the brine another 12 hours before cooking it. Rubbed butter under the skin, rubbed olive oil and butter on the outer skin, placed tooth picks on through the skin to hold the skin in place, plus it held the foil off of the turkey. Placed the turkey in an aluminum turkey pan, made a tent with foil (also a 2in hole at the top) that covered the whole bird and all the way to the grate of my UDS. The idea was to direct the heat totally around the bird. Smoked hot and fast for about 3 hours 300-340 degrees, I honestly over cooked it just a little (180 degrees in some places, donít have the wireless probe). The bird turned out great and juicy, I loved it more than a fried turkey. Picture of the final results in the link below, had very little juices in the pan, I'm guessing these staying with the bird.
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