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Default Prototype Baby Backs, Thanks Mike

Mike at Oakridge BBQ invited several of us to try an new prototype rub he is testing and give him some feedback. I've had really good luck with several of the Oakridge BBQ products so I was pretty pumped to try this new prototype rub. With Mike's encouragement, here is my experience. I'll go ahead a cut to the chase, Mike has a winner and hope we can order soon

Applied the rub to two racks of very meaty baby backs, probably about 3 pounds each and onto the 26.75 OGT in indirect mode using Stumps in a crescent shaped snake plus a little hickory.

Cooked them for 5 hours at 250*, no foil or BP wrap. In the final 1-1/2 hours I basted every half hour with some homemade jalapeno pepper jelly (I left about 1/2 rack with no basting so we could taste just the rub).

I asked everybody to try at least one of the ribs with just the rub only (no glaze). We really like the new rub, sweet with a good note of peppers. The bark was crisp and very thin, then a nice smoke ring and juicy bite through ribs, but not fallin-off-the-bone mushy. My wife is probably our most picky eater when it comes to seasonings and she really liked the pepper balanced with the sweetness. From an appearance standpoint, the rub seemed to develop its own shiny glaze in the last hour of cooking, equal to the shine of the jalapeno peppery jelly glaze. In the pictures above, the shot of the 1/2 rack sliced, the other 1/2 that is un-sliced is the portion WITHOUT any jalapeno pepper jelly glaze and just the rub put a nice shine on the ribs.

Buy the way, if you have never used pepper jelly you need to give it a try, very tasty. My wife makes our but it is readily available in a variety of flavors at

If our experiment and Monday night dinner is an indication Oakridge BBQ is on track to have a great new rub, we will certainly use it again when it becomes available.

Thanks again Mike and thanks for watchin.
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