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HI I also had a BAD experience with their warranty dept, and I haven't even bought one yet. I was looking at buying a grill from a family who bought it new but had a death in the family and never packaged or used the grill. I called the warranty dept to see what was needed in case of a warranty issue on the grill. They advised me (and not in a nice way) that I was S.O.L. (strictly out of luck) no warranty to a second owner, I asked if they did not make exceptions like in this case where the grill was still in the original packaging, and the original owner had passed away suddenly and they told me they "DID not Care why it was their policy N.F.G. (no further warranty) I think this warranty policy A sucs and B does not indicate they really want to stand behind their products, they just want to "advertise" a good sounding warranty. Any body have a comment or similar story?
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