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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by dport7 View Post
I think if you have access to apple, you will be able to find some dead branches to get started with.
Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
Apple is a wonderful wood for smoking, especially with pork.

I would recommend that you let it "season" before using, which is just letting it naturally dry. You can cut it into chunks at any time, and you may find it easier to cut while it is green. Then, let it dry for at least three months, or if you have the patience, more like six months. If you cut it while green, it will season faster.

It is definitely easier to chunk / chip when it is green like "CaseyDog" suggested. The smaller chunks dry quicker than whole pieces. Also any dead branches are good to go as they are cut up.

I cut my own wood as my friend has apple. cherry, and peach orchards. He has me cut in the winter to prevent any contamination in the orchard.
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