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Default medUDS added to SS performer

Well I wanted to build a Med UDS but I did not want it all alone so I built it, then built it onto my performer cart. I have still need to fire it up this weekend. I think that it turned out kind of neat.

6 coats of high heat paint and primer, the inside is basic one rack for now mounted on SS Ubolts, a charcoal ring made from 8in tall expanded metal. I might add another rack, and a thermometer. For air vents I was going to use the daisy wheel vents form the bottom of the 18in weber I got the lid from but went with a different plan. They are cut out of 1/8 steel( need to paint them) then just bolted onto the bottom of the drum. Not seen in the photos is the wheeled leg I made for the third corner of the base. he angel iron is bolted to the frame of the performers cart. I was thinking about extending the handles from the cart to the drum but felt it was not needed once I bolted it all together. Can;t wait to cook 2 different things this weekend. Maybe 2 slabs of ribs with a different wood to see if I can taste the difference. Hope you like it.
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