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Originally Posted by Fwismoker View Post
Dj you have about 1/4 of the exhaust you should have which is causing much of your problems.

Because of that you're not getting as hot of a fire as you need and that's causing the bad smoke and the drippy mess you're describing.

Use the bung holes
That's just it. This time, I left my elbows plugged and used the 2" bung instead. I am going to try and pick up a nice se3ction of pipe and make a stack for it with a decent rain cap.

I did fail to add that the wood I am using is the chunks that come in a bag from Wally World. Some had the bark on them still. Before it hits the basket, said bark is stripped off.

I am taking a wild stab at the fact that everyone is correct in saying I am not letting my fire settle in good enough first. I normally got food on the racks at the 15-20 minute mark.

I am going to clean the old girl out today and re season it as suggested. The barrel does smell like the food tasted. Creosote nasty! Any suggestions on cleaning methods? I am under the impression to not ever use a hose in a smoker.

Hopefully I can get back on track like my first 2 cooks. The wife is loosing faith in me quickly.

And I REALLY do appreciate all your replies thus far. You all are the reason this is the greatest Que forum on the net today!
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