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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
To all the people who say that the rule was "crystal clear," and only cheaters try to bend it, was the old rule designed to allow people to clean out the connective tissue in a butt, isolating 3-4 distinct muscles, and cook it like a bloomin onion for later cutting? Was the rule intended to allow a person to isolate the money musle, leaving it attached by a 2 mm piece of connective tissue so that it can be sliced later on?

That's what people were doing with the old rule, and it doesn't sound much like real BBQ to me. I'm sure some people will continue to do all that with the new rule. For some reason, every time I ask this, no one defends the practice, even though every one knows it happens. Why don't people talk about that more? Oh yeah, now I remember....

I don't see where the new rule prohibits that practice as long as the muscles in the butts are attached to each other during the initial cooking process. The words "cooked whole" is not violated. However, if the intent of the BOD was for this practice to be banned, they did not do a good job of defining what "cooked whole" means.
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