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Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
Crystal clear for whom? Reading the thread indicates that there may be confusion over the 4 lbs, before it is inspected or 4 lbs when it hits the cooker or both?
It's right there in the rule, at the time of inspection.

Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
What constitutes trimming? Trimming for some may be parting for others. But parting implies that all will be cooked while trimming implies that some will not be used or cooked.
Trimming is removing some of the fat and shaping the meat. Cutting off the money muscle and throwing the rest of the butt out is not trimming. How do we know this? If this was not the intent of the rule, there would be no need to refer to cooking the butt whole. The wording of the rule makes the intent clear. Cook it to 145 degrees and then do what you want with it.

You are correct that trimming implies the trimmed material is waste and not cooked. It's no longer part of the "whole" butt.

Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
I currently cook 2 8-10 pounds butts and get what I need from them once cooked. Others don't. When I am preparing my turn-in tray, I wear heat gloves so I can pull and slice and chunk. At this stage it is going in the box because turn-in time is less than 5 minutes away. Why do I need to put it back on the smoker? Set the sauce?
You don't have to return pork to the smoker, but you could if you wanted to under this rule. I cook my pork whole, and pull just before it's boxed - and this rule change won't alter my process. I could see that at some contests (like the freezing weather at The Jack this year) pulling everything earlier and putting the turn in items back on the heat for a short time before boxing might be a benefit.
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