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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
Scottie, some people are always going to try and bend the rule to suit them. Just look at the discussion here. The intent of the rule is crystal clear, but some people are going to try and twist it anyway. Short of having a two page rule, I think that's always going to be the case. I'm OK with the new rule, but the old one was fine too.
Exactly. The intent of the OLD rule was crystal clear, and yet we ended up with the Pork Collar Advisory being read at every cooks' meeting so that we all could recite it verbatim by the end of the season, and people posting on this very forum that they were damn well going to reheat (or "set sauce" ) whatever they wanted because nobody was going to catch them.

The big push to change the rule to allow returning parted pork to the cooker is just to legalize what was already going on.
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