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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
Scottie, some people are always going to try and bend the rule to suit them. Just look at the discussion here. The intent of the rule is crystal clear, but some people are going to try and twist it anyway. Short of having a two page rule, I think that's always going to be the case. I'm OK with the new rule, but the old one was fine too. I doubt I'm changing the way I cook pork.
Crystal clear for whom? Reading the thread indicates that there may be confusion over the 4 lbs, before it is inspected or 4 lbs when it hits the cooker or both? What constitutes trimming? Trimming for some may be parting for others. But parting implies that all will be cooked while trimming implies that some will not be used or cooked. Need a few additional words to actually convey the intent of the rule.

I currently cook 2 8-10 pounds butts and get what I need from them once cooked. Others don't. When I am preparing my turn-in tray, I wear heat gloves so I can pull and slice and chunk. At this stage it is going in the box because turn-in time is less than 5 minutes away. Why do I need to put it back on the smoker? Set the sauce?

I pulled the pork at some temp and placed in a cambro prior to the box stage. Most of the time I have already started the cooling cycle for my cookers and starting the packing process.

I question the need for the rule except for clarification of the old rule unless it is for those who can't cook pork. Just being a devils advocate
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