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I've just cooked for the second time on the new FEC, I have a tasting at noon and I have not tried the meats yet but I think that I have put my finger on one key difference between a stick burner and the FEC. I believe a major difference in the smoke comes from the fact that there is much less humidity in the FEC. When I first cooked on the FEC there was a noticeable smoke difference, I first thought that it was due to a much cleaner burn and I still believe that is a part of it but last night I put two butts on at 225* with a heavy coat of rub on them but instead of waiting for the rub to liquefy I put them straight on the pit. Sometimes if I am in a hurry I do this on the Lang as well. This morning at 7:30am the butts were ready to come off the pit yet the top layer of the rub still looked raw in a lot of areas. If I do this on the Lang they will liquefy and bark up nice. This leads me to believe that the firewood going in the lang has more moisture. I did read that the pellets are 8% moisture but I do not know what the moisture content of firewood is and we all know that more moisture will result in more smoke. My next cooking I will place a water pan on the top rack below the convection fan so that it hits the moisture and see if this makes a difference. My only problem with doing this is that I bought the cooker based on it holding at least 150lbs of meat and I would loose one rack to a water pan by using this method so I will mainly use it to see if it makes a difference and try to figue something out from there. The cooker makes great barbecue just as it is but I do think with some learning curve and adjustments this thing can cook awesome barbecue. Oh and the best part is I slept all night last night
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