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But by not wordsmithing you will get what we had. Folks interpreting it And thinking they can put their pulled, sliced or chunked was not considered parting. Look, the only way this rule will ever be good is to get the BOD to have reps enforce it. The BOD is controlled by reps. Why does anyone think that reps would support this extra work and step? They obviously would rather have teams bending and breaking the rules is what it tells me. Does more cooks on the BOD work? I'm not really sure how this rule clears any confusion, other than people that can't cook can reheat their product after they pull it. This whole crap about serving warm food? BS. I have to wear special gloves to handle my pork and I guess I am in a small percentage of cooks that is good enough to get both pulled and sliced from the same butt. Oh some BOD member will come along and compare what my scores have done recently and maybe I don't really know how to cook pork. Not sure how that adds to any of this mass chaos that has been created and not clearly defined though.....

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