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Thanks all... A great cook overall and the new pit performed very well in temps ranging from 27 to 47 degrees.

Originally Posted by Chuck D. View Post
Beautiful job. What's your opinion on Butcher paper vs Aluminum? Better or Not?


The butcher paper IMO makes for a better finished product... It eliminates the steamy, wet product yet still allows to keep the bark moist and firm. Not to say I'd never use foil again but for what I'm trying to accomplish foil generally won't do that.

Thanks is owed to Donnie (Pitmaster T) for bringing me back to reality a few years ago and getting me to enjoy cooking barbecue again.... I started this hobby focused on the basics, then got caught up in the competition thing for a few years which I gradually began to hate as I was not cooking the product I wanted to cook....but thankfully the last five years I've been able to come back to where I started.

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