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Originally Posted by woodbutcher1 View Post
Looks just like my first Turkey i did 30+ years ago on a El cheapo brinkman smoker that i won and had no clue of how to use it.

Instructions called to soak the wood for several hrs. and use about 3 or 4 chunks. I thought that if 3 or 4 chunks of wood is good, (more is better) 10 or 12 pieces should do the trick.

I lined up the family in front of the smoker when we got home from church to take the first peek, it reminded me of a black meteorite. Nut burned up,just as black as shoe polish. Meat was fabulous, the skin however had to be discarded.
I am still being reminded about that one every now and then.
Thank's to this site and my Brethren,the end results are fantastic with everything i cook now.

Well here's one thing I wonder about. Doesn't charcoal smoke as well? So I mean even if you put no wood chunks in at all won't the kingsford smoke the whole time?
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