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Originally Posted by musicmanryann View Post
The KCBS Board of Directors has adopted the National Pork Board’s definitions which define the standard for cuts of Boston Butt (item 406 bone in or without bone), Picnic (item 405 bone in or without bone) and/or Whole Shoulder (item 403). Pork Collar is not included in these approved “American” definitions of food service cuts of pork.
In other words, if, prior to it being cooked, I trim it down to something that is not item 406, 405, or 403, it is an illegal cut.
Good info! One of the things that I wondered a bit is what happens if according to IMPS/NAMP if a 403A (Pork Shoulder, Long Cut) is then further butched as described for 406? Does any one do that? Is it still considered a 406, is it some other cut? Must a 406 come from a 403? If so, what does the above cut become? Something without number?

Before any one says that the above doesn't mention 403A, my question is about what does IMPS/NAMP consider a valid 406? Also, even though it's not described above, KCBS allows a 405A and 406A (boneless versions), so non-listed variants are legal in some situations.

Talk to your rep of course ;-)

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