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Default Brined Bird was dry, what gives??

So I've just started my adventures in BBQing and decided to smoke an 18lb bird for the family. It came out more dry than I was hoping for especially stacked up against a fried turkey which was also present at the table. I'm just trying to figure out what I could have done differently?

I brined it for 24 hours in a 1:1 kosher salt/sugar ratio then smothered it in butter, oil and herbs as well as stuffed it with onions, oranges, and lemons.

I cooked it between 315-350 for 4 hours with a drip pan and a water pan. 1.5 hours in I had the color I was looking for so I wrapped it very loosely in foil. After another 1.5 hours I unwrapped the turkey and added 5 big tbsp of butter rewrapped and put it back until temps were hit. It then went in a preheated cooler for 30 mins.

The end result was good, great flavor with the salt, pepper, herbs and some citrus showing through, I was just disappointed in how dry it was. Does anyone see anything I could have done differenntly?
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