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Originally Posted by musicmanryann View Post
Not according to the KCBS definition.
I believe that the way the rule is written is part of the problem. Each person reads it the way they want to interpret it, not the way that the board meant or the intent of the rule. With a minor amount of clarification by the BOD, there would be no room for this. Write the rule so that it clearly conveys the intent and reasoning with minimal room for interpretation.
If I trim the butt that meets the definition after inspection and only cook that which is left after trimming then I am within the rule. If I try cook some of the trimmings, then I parted the pork and that is illegal.
Who says what constitutes trimming other that removing what is not needed or wanted? If the only thing I want or need is the MM, then so be it, I waste a bunch of money but it is my money.
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