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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
If you know the name Vencil Mares and Taylor Cafe, you will like this video clip

Notice the brisket resting process in butcher paper & cooler (start at 3:00 mark)
I will watch the video in a sec...but a funny story about taylor that came up
yesterday. My mom has an aunt thats getting up in years. I am half-listening to
her yesterday and she is saying "I really would like you to drive me up to see
her one day." and I am thinking, yeah right, like I have the time.

Then she mumbles, "I haven't been to Taylor I bet in 20 years." And with that I

S H OO T!... I was in Taylor at a BBQ Pageant long ago when I competed and did
quite well.

Anyway....I have wanted to see Vencil more than get another trophy so I was
like... sure mom... I sort of have a relative too.

So I bet we are going soon, now.

Okay, Ill watch the video.

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Okay I saw it... well FARK! You know... I've been on here for years making videos and purposely NEVER once mentioned that long rest in any of my videos I think. I think.... I have always waited for someone to call me on it....

The funniest part was when I was showing how I did my Hot and Fast BBQ back when not many would listen, and people were asking me how the hell it got so tender. Now in my videos it is implied and a few times I am sure I have mentioned it.... but the process is much longer than the "on the grill" time. I know one place that claims 24 hours... and it is... if you consider sitting in an icechest for 18 hours cooking (which I kind of do).

Also...there is another one of the group that came along later - Aaron Franklin... I remember an interview where someone asked if the briskets were "rested." He smiled and said something like, "oh, they are rested alright," they coyly went on with the interview.

So.... yes.... resting is the key. I always got tickled by those who took their meat off in front of their company. Brisket is always done at least 6 hours before go time. LOL

God Bless and Hot and Fast Y'all....

Pack those chests and Cambros
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