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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
Perhaps, perhaps not - When you trim a Beef Tenderloin roast you cut the chain and the head wrap off - These are two fairly large chunks of meat - it's still a tenderloin roast when you're done and it might go from 8 lbs in the cryo to 5lbs finished.

Another example - I go to the butcher to get butts and they don't have any, All they have are whole shoulders. I don't have time to trim it before going to the contest. I arrive and get the whole shoulder inspected (12 lbs). I then skin and trim it down to a butt-ish looking chunk - Trimming or butchering/breaking down? By your definition of trimming this would be illegal.
I think your making my point for me. You may end up with a tenderloin roast but it's no longer a whole tenderloin. If we had a tenderloin category and the rules said it must be cooked whole then you would have to leave the chain meat, the tail and that large muscle on there.

I've never trimmed a whole shoulder . Please educate me. Are all the muscles for a commercially trimmed butt included in your butt-ish looking chunk. If so legal. If not then you've created an illegal cut of pork.
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