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Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
Cheat if you want, you probably won't get caught but if you do remember somebody got banned for 3 years just for wearing a penis apron.
I was debating weather or not to "weigh" in here, but after this, I see no reason not to:)

As some one who can read, the part that I find interesting is that the rule specifically says that the cut of meat must weigh 4 lb at the time of inspection, not when being placed in the cooker, and it mentions trimming between inspection/weighing and cooking.

The way it's worded, I think it practically encourages people to start out with a "whole" cut and trim away whatever they don't want, whether it's excess or entire muscle groups. Lots of ways to resolve this including allowing it, changing the pre-cook weight, the max-trim weight, or just saying "cheaters will cheat."

I suppose the other question is, at what point does trimming the cut turn it into an illegal cut? I think I heard that there are seven muscle groups in a Pork Butt? Must all seven remain for the cut to be legal and cookable? You aready allow bonless cuts, which convert a 405 to a 405A, and a 406 to a 406A, but you don't allow a long cut shoulder which would be a 403A rather than a 403. There I go geeking out and losing people again. Even still, people can be load 3 lb pieces of meat into their cookers on January 1 the way I read that.

Okay, I'll go back to my corner now.

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