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Originally Posted by bacchus99 View Post
Couple more quick questions.

1. Would injecting tonight with the store bought cajun butter and cooking in the morning be an issue? Just don't want the meat to ham up or have a weird texture. Anyone ever do this?

2. If I cook on a WSM at 325F how long am i looking for an injected 15lb bird? I was figuring 3.5 hours but now i'm thinking 4.5 hours?

3. Apple, Cherry or pecan or a combo?
1. Personally, if I were injecting (and I plan to) I wouldn't do it until tomorrow morning. I don't really know if it would be a BAD thing to inject overnight, but I just see the risk as being greater than the rewards. The flavor that you're going to introduce with the injection will likely work just fine if injecting right before cooking since they'll do their work while the meat is heating up and the juices are flowing. Injecting the night before may just leave pockets of the cajun butter (which will congeal when it gets cold) and not evenly distribute or affect some parts of the turkey more than others while holding in the fridge. Only my personal opinion on it and I could be , but it's up to you.

2. According to THIS SITE you're looking around 4.0 hrs for an unstuffed 15 lb bird roasted at 325.

3. YES. I think apple, cherry AND pecan are all great smokewoods for turkey. Use them solo or a mixture and it'll work out great either way, IMHO.
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