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Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
I have been going to a barber for over 65 years and every time I have asked for a trim (except in the military) there has been a discussion about what the barber understood me to mean and what I actually meant by the term trim. The accepted definition is:

verb: trim; 3rd person present: trims; past tense: trimmed; past participle: trimmed; gerund or present participle: trimming
  1. make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts.
it comes down to what the cook considers unwanted parts.

I would ask the question that begs an answer, why change the rule that was not enforced to another rule that lessens the likely hood that it needs to be enforced?
This... Teams were already doing it anyway. I guess KCBS just decided to make it legal.
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