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From page 2 of this thread (with a few tweaks to fit the new rule):

Originally Posted by Rub View Post
I propose that to keep it simple and easy to understand they add an official "FAQ" to the rules. Example:

Rules FAQs

Q: The way I interpret the pork rule, I can cut the money muscle off when it's cooked then return the rest of the butt to the smoker. Is this right?
A: Yes. Pork is considered "cooked" once it reaches 155+ degrees.

Q: Can I trim the butt down to just the money muscle or groups of muscles before I cook it?
A: No, the butt must remain intact except for minor trimming (1 pound or less removed).

Q: Is a Euro cut Boston Roast from SRF legal for competition.
A: No, this isn't Europe, this is America damnit!

Easy peasy.
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