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Originally Posted by Podge View Post
I'm sure the BOD will have a new rule and decision made by 2017 in regards to the TOY tie breaker that will end up Pi$$ing off better than 50% of the membership.
Actually there's been a tie breaker in place since 2011

Rules Committee: Candy Weaver
The following changes to the rules for Team of the Year for the 2011
calendar year, are proposed. These will go into effect immediately.
Candy Weaver made a motion in order to prevent a tie in the top 20
positions, the following procedures be applied. Look at the 11th. place
scores of the contests of each tied team. The team with the most 1st
place scores is the winner. If this does not break the tie, look to the
eleventh contest cooked by the tied teams. This contest score will be
factored in with the other ten contest scores. Should this not break the
tie, continue with contest 12. Should a team not have cooked more than
10 contests, a zero will be input for the tiebreaking contest. Of Jan 1,
2011. The motion was seconded by Merl Whitebook.
Vote:10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions
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