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I'm gonna get a wrath of chit for this, but oh well. It's all in the sprit of experimentation!

I used the dreaded...........lighter fluid! As Myron would say, "Ya'll can kiss my m**&%&*$#$ a#&!"

I had a reason for it. I loaded the basket to the rim with KF. I then tossed on some big lump chucks over the top of the coal basket handle. My reason for using it was to experiment and because of the breeze we had. I didn't want to dump a load of hot lump on the briqs and have the temp get away from me. So, I hit the larger pieces of lump with some fluid and lit em up while the basket was in the PBC. It burned off and allowed the coals to take off slowly, even with the breeze and wind. By the time I put the lid on, there was no fluid smell and I still let it go a while longer to stabilize. I didn't use any chunks. I didn't want a lot of smoke on the bird. All I used was the onion and apple peels and cores as smoke. There is a bit to the theory. Fluid will allow those coals that are hit to ignite only. Once it burns off, they take off slowly. With the UDS, I have a huge basket in the thing and I don't mind dumping a half lit chimney of coals and letting it go. This route worked better with the PBC so that I could catch the temp on the way up. When I pulled the bird off, There was over half of the coal left. I could have added a bit more briqs and tossed on another bird with not problem!

Okay, let the chitstorm begin!

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