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Start of the dressing. Celery, olives, and artichoke hearts and about 3/4 stick of butter. From here in went into some of the box type corn bread stuffing.

Out of the PBC and resting a bit.


Breast and thigh were probing at 180. No injecting etc and still very moist and no pink!
Green bean casserole.


Gravy shot!

Love that oil slick from the drippings on it!
Quick bisquits. From a tube.

We had a thread about turkey tails.......some tail!

The citrus evoo rub/slather/whatever was awesome!

Rest of the bird.

From here I removed the wings and the carcass went into a big ole pot of water along with the onions and apples to make some turkey stock for tamales next month. The stock is still boiling away. House smells incredible!

Bottom view. I used a very shallow pan and put the thing on the PBC grate. While the drippings bubbled, it never burned the bottom of the bird.

Pulled of lots of little samples. My ideal plate would be the carcass and the carcass only. I'd pick the farker clean!

My plate. I'm kinda fond of the jellied cranberries in a can! No really, I am!

Close up!

Seconds.............turkey and gravy! The boy has developed quite an appetite lately. Most times he'll have a second helping.

The Stock------------boiling away. Still on the stove boiling as I type.

Lastly, my sweet tater pie. Who says BobBrisket can't BAKE! I'm not great at it, but it didn't suck!

Thanks for looking!

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