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Started here last night. Put a few sweet taters in the oven to soften up. Once they cooled, I tossed em in a zip with the skin on and into the fridge they went. These are for my world famous sweet tater pie............that I made for the first time ever, today! More pics, later.

The honored guest. She weighed in a 15 lbs. Stuffed her with some orange wedges, onion, and green apple wedges and some rosemary from the garden. I made a oil drizzle with some lemon evoo, rosemary, orange zest, Kosher salt and pepper.
Put most of it under the skin.

Day started out a bit cool and cloudy with a slight breeze.

Might as well get a lil bon fire going!

PBC is humming along now. It's ready to rock some bird!

Sleep tight!

Pie filling. Hit it with some nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and a little egg nog and evap milk to thin it out. Also added some honey.

An hour or so in..........

Son on mashed tater duty!

Daughter on Chile con Queso duty!

At this point, hit it with some glaze. Butter, rub, honey and a little bit of the turkey drippings.

Full breast shot!

Gravy. Packet stuff that I doctored up with more drippings, and chopped up shrooms, and the giblets and turkey neck meat. Kids wanted seconds of the gravy!


Part two in progress!

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