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Originally Posted by BBQDaddio View Post
Wagge how did you light the charcoal again?

Give it another try today if you can.

Fill up the basket with charcoal and remove about half to a 3/4 of a chimney.
Light the chimney to most of the briquettes are ashed over not all of them have to be.
Try to pour the lit briquettes over the charcoal basket as evenly as possible. Add in the bars and leave the lid off the pbc for 10 mins to let the coals get going. In ten mins put the lid on and wait until sweet blue smoke starts coming out. During this time you should be in the 260-300 range.

This is my experience using kingsford blue bag and as well using Trader Joes briquettes.

If temp is not there you can crack open the lid for more air.

In my opinion I would adjust the intake to 1/4 open and do not touch it at all until you get comfortable with the cooker. I would also use KBB to eliminate any variables.

Please keep us updated we are here to help.
Thanks guys, I talked to Noah this morning and he thinks it the Kingford. Also told me do not adjust the vent, leave it at 1/4 and to put the meat/lid on at 12-13 minutes after lighting, not even 15 as he stated that as soon as the lighter fluid burns off its ready.

So with that said, I will head over to Academy and pick up Kingsford, then over to Costco for a meat pickup.
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