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Originally Posted by JLStout View Post
Rubbery skin on chicken is caused by cooking at too low a temp. How long did you cook? What temp? I agree with others. Bad charcoal or user error.
It was about 2:20, but at 2 hours I could tell the chicken was not where it should be so I opened up vent full. I was able to get some more heat and finish it off but still was not done enough and the tips of the breast were starting to dry out.

I put my cyberq in after the cook just to see where things were and had about 303. I closed the vent down to 1/4 and temps stayed about 300-320 for the next several hours. It burned for about 6.5 hours total.

I guess it could have been charcoal but it was bought at HEB then used pretty quick. I followed the manufacture instructions.

I just hate the risk for -turkey day

Thanks for the reply's as I walk through this moment of grief and sadness
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