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Found some matches.
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my last cook was a 20lb ham leg and didnt want it to burn out. so yes, i wanted a longer burn with out having to add fuel overnight. Outside temps have been dropping into the 30's so i only open the lid when neccesary

the lump charcoal isnt damp. i have already ruled that out.

with such a full basket, do i want the whole top layer to be lit coals? smoldering unlit coals is a possibility. can i expect all of the 10lbs of lump to remain lit while maintaining 250F-ish.

i forgot to mention that i had already cooked a 8pcs of chicken and 4 yams for 2.5 hours before i switched over to the ham leg. is it possible that the juices and fat from such a large piece of pork are quenching the coals?
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