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Here's my dilemma. We're doing T-Day at my parent's house (not far away, about 20 minutes). My plan was to smoke a 20 lb turkey on my UDS on Wednesday (off that day) and then re-heat it on Thursday. I used this method for a couple of chickens over Labor Day, but after reading the quick cook times (I figure 4 hours or so at 325-350) I may just get up early Thursday and cook it in the morning. My fear is that I'll put it on around 6 or 7 am and it will cook slower than expected and we'll be late getting to mom and dad's house.

I've smoked a turkey before, but we had everyone come over to our place, so the cook time didn't have to be so precise.

Has anybody out there re-heated a turkey the day after smoking it? When we re-heated the chickens, we just added a little water to the pan and cooked for about an hour at 250.
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