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Originally Posted by ebijack View Post
O.K. being the stubborn guy that I am, I decided to sign up for paypal, tried to order the flags and I get the SAME FREAKIN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The address you selected at PayPal is not a Confirmed address. Please return to PayPal and select or add a confirmed address and try again.

I have ordered a lot of other stuff from other sites and never HAD to sign up for paypal, I have always been able to go around the paypal, now I sign up here and I get no where.
When you sign up for Paypal and set up a shipping address they send you a letter to that address to confirm that it is a legitimate address. That letter includes a code that you have to put into the Paypal site to confirm that you received the letter.

That's a Paypal process and has nothing to do with the MABA.
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