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Default Gravity fed smoker transport ?

This is probably a dumb question, but I would really like a gravity fed smoker (mostly leaning toward Assassin), but was wondering for all of you that own them . . .
How easy or difficult are they to transport?
We would transport it in our toy hauler, but would I have to worry about anything cracking/breaking/falling off, etc.?
Also, just the ease of rolling it into the trailer? My hubby would be the one doing all the hauling so if it's gonna be too much of a pain (which he feels hauling the BGE is for fear of breakage) then he might not go for it, even though he is the main beneficiary of what comes out of the smoker
Another part to this is the wheel base - I'd really like to get a smoker without having to upgrade to the pneumatic wheels.
My family loves to camp and we usually go to the state beaches that have the hard packed dirt for campsites. I'd really like to take the smoker on our camping trips, would the standard wheels have any problems?
I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions
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