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Hello everybody,

I got a food grade tight head 55 gal drum with the red liner in it off of craigslist for 15 bux. I used. 2 cans of oven-off to remove the liner and it worked well. I am now burning off any of the leftover residue after cleaning the inside with dawn. I cut the lid off the inside edge of the drum and ground the sharp edges smooth. For the lid I went to a commercial cooking supply store and picked up a huge stock-pot lid that happens to fit perfectly. I am using 3 1" intakes with two of them having ball valves on them and one with a plug. I am grateful for all the good info on this site and can not wait to season it and throw a chuckle on it to test this baby out. I will post pics as soon as she is painted up and complete. Thanks again for all the good info.
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