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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
The reason for cooking at such a low temp is to make sure the meat is evenly cooked from edge to edge. Cooking at higher temps will overcook the outside parts to get the rare to medium rare center. At lower temps you can get a perfectly uniform pink from edge to edge.

So yes, cooking at 235 is a very good idea. If a more pronounced crust is desired, you can sear the outside at the end of the process.

El Ropo is 100% correct. Cooking at 235 will get you edge-to-edge pinkness, but no awesome crust.

Pop it into a 500F oven for 10 minutes after a good 20 minute rest and you'll have edge-to-edge medium rare with a crackly, thin crust.

Oh, and turn off your smoke detectors. I guess you could do it directly over the coals, but you'll need fresh ones.
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