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Originally Posted by Haveuseen1? View Post
Well at lunch today I went and bought a Lem #8 .35HP meat grinder, and a bunch of supplies. Looks like my sausage andventures are about to begin. I didnt buy a stuffer yet, but maybe Santa can bring that. Did pick up the Lem Breakfast sausage mix, and stopped and bought a pork butt on my way back to work.

Looks like fresh sausage in the morning!

Any tips you guys have offer them up!

Congratulations on your purchase.... As a beginner you can make sausage patties or roll in plastic wrap to to form a log to lightly freeze for easy slicing.

Do yourself a favor and buy a gear driven cylinder stuffer instead of the horn shaped piston stuffer. You'll save yourself a lot of grief and aggravation.

Cowgirl listed a good reference website for almost every type of sausage. I cross-reference with other sites to check on variations that might meet my likings.. Also check..

Len Paoli's Site

Clay's Sausage Kitchen

Curley's Sausage Kitchen

Also a good variety of supplies are available from Sausage Maker and you can order a catalog here with a $10.00 off coupon on your first order. The coupon is only good for the month in which you requested the catalog, so order the catalog on Dec. 1st and it will be good in December. If you order the catalog now it expires Nov 30th.

You don't need the catalog to order, as you can order on-line and apply the coupon code they give to you. Don't buy the sausage making dvd, it is merely a sales video and does not actually show you how to make anything. Just vague general procedure to use their equipment.

Good luck...
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