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Originally Posted by layne View Post
What is the best way to keep Brisket,pulled pork,chicken,ect warm and moist?
For instance for a ball game day, when people will serve and eat for most of a day.
I use wire chafing racks with a deeper water pan under the food pan. As the water heats up put your half size pan into the hot water with a little apple and the pork with half of the pan remaining covered. The same is true for brisket, but use beef broth with the meat as you did with apple juice for the pulled pork.

If you cook more than one butt, serve only one at a time keeping the other wrapped and resting in an insulated cooler. For brisket, just slice what will serve the crowd and keep the rest wrapped and resting until more is to be sliced.

For chicken I take some off before it's fully cooked and cook the rest to serve, when ready put the chicken on that is not fully cooked and set out a second serving tray.

Basically find what works best for you.

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