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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I get it. When I was elected I actually wanted to open the category up to "pork" and turn cooks loose. Then I looked at the ramifications more closely and listened to a couple of people that suggested we needed pork to be a long cook since chicken and ribs were either on short timelines or timelines that were shrinking.

MABA may be different, but when you get elected to the KCBS BoD you need to accept the fact that you are wrong. Nobody calls or emails when you did something right. Nobody calls or emails when you ask for input. If something goes south people will come out of the woodwork when you've made a decisions on something that you've already asked for input on.

I give Steve and Dave all the credit in the world for being willing to step out and listen and take the heat. Heat that isn't necessarily from you.

I added Thanks to Podge's post about just voting the damn thing. I don't agree with the new rule, but it might just get cooks pissed off enough to give a chit. Steve is a cook, and a great cook. He may not agree with the input he's given but I've got no doubt he'd consider it and take the input to the committee and BoD. Being elected to the BoD doesn't invest anyone with ESP to know what the cooks are thinking. Maybe this will be a catalyst to encourage communication from the bottom up. If not, cooks can continue to bitch and whine, which will happen no matter what the BoD does.
Let's hold on a sec, this isn't personal on my end nor is it whining or sour grapes. As for input to the BOD, I've tried to do that in a constructive way. I had a conversation with Candy about this at Sam's and asked her who was replacing Jeff as head of Competition since he resigned - She said no one is. Now we don't know who is on the competition committee or who if anyone is chairing it and we're coming down to the wire on 2014. I'm not trying to speak for Mike Peters here but it appears that he recognized that the pork rule that is scheduled to take effect next year is flawed and I applaud him for stepping up and taking the heat for that.

It seems to me that this whole thing is boiling down to one vocal group who wants to be able to cut up their pork butt; another group that doesn't, a bunch who don't really care and the last group (which I'm in) doesn't really care except that we want the rule to be clear with little wiggle room and we don't want the category dumbed down.

If the Board changes the pork rule, cut / no cut / whatever, it's going to impact a lot of people and with the spotlight on BBQ the way it is right now the last thing KCBS needs is a new rule with acres of grey open to interpretation and shenanigans.

I also want to apologize to Steve Farrin if I in any way implied that he was dishonest or not dealing above board. I wasn't.
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