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Originally Posted by Humble Soul View Post
Honestly I'd rather not do it with the coals banked to one side, I'd prefer the bird to be in the middle with a pan underneath with stuff in it to catch the drippings to make gravy. But I'm not sure if a pan will fit there with 2 bricks on each side. I know, I sure picked a crappy day to decide on smoking a turkey, but I just got the 22.5" kettle couple weeks ago and haven't had time to do a test run, so I'm scrambling to find as much info as possible.
Don't sweat it. Go with the divided method, there are less variables to work with using this method. Also, go out and dry fit the setup you're going to use and take some measurements, then go get an aluminum pan that best fits the space you'll have. If its too big, squish it down a little, a little small, no big deal.

On the day, give yourself plenty of time, these big birds can stand a real long rest without getting cold so even if it's done an hour early there's no big deal.

Try not to overthink it too much. Put the thing on the grill, stick a thermometer in it and walk away. If it starts getting too dark around the thighs, throw some foil down, if the temp isn't coming up quick enough, toss a few extra coals on. And if you just can't get it to work, you can always pull it off the grill and drop it in the oven.
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